Other Sealers - Akemi Super-Gloss 0,75 L

  • Other Sealers - Akemi Super-Gloss 0,75 L

Akemi Super-Gloss 0,75 L

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High-gloss lacquer made of high-quality synthetic resins and waxes, very strong colour intensification, stable to yellowing, fast drying.

For re-working of rough, ground, porous and absorbent natural and artificial stone surfaces. Especially suited for surfaces on which mechanical polishing is difficult or impossible due to their condition or position, e.g. edges, corners, reliefs, statues, frescos, columns or borders.


Protecting & Impregnating: Sealing & coating

Increasing of gloss: Small surfaces

Surface: Rough, Ground, Bush-hammered, Sand blasted, Sawn, Raugh sawn, Rough, Flamed

Chemical basis: Solvent-based

Method of application: Roller, Wide brush

Material: Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete ashlar

Area of application: Flooring & stairs

Concentration: Ready-to-use

capacity 750ml